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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thailand's First Miss Universe Winner in 1965, then and now

It's been exactly a year short of a decade when Apisara Hongsakula of Thailand won Miss Universe, the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world and the first from Thailand to win the crown. 

Her face was all over the news both from her native country as well as internationally. Again, that was in 1965.

So, when her photo surfaced yesterday it did create a stir. Her photo went viral and was shared so many times. Everyone looked in amazement as if she only aged a few years after she was crowned in 1965 in Miami, Florida when she was 18.

Judging from the photo when she won the title in 1965 (left), and the one now (right), she could certainly pass a 20 to 30 something woman. 

She was a beauty then. And at 67 now, she still is a beauty.


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