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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prambanan Temple, the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world

Do you have any idea where the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world is? Look no further because it's just in our region.

Soaring majestically at 47 meters, Prambanan temple is Indonesia and ASEAN's pride built during the reigns of two kings. During the tenth century, Kings Rakai Pikatan and Rakai Balitung helped build what is now the world's most beautiful Hindu temple. It is extraordinarily beautiful and incomparable to other Hindu temple elsewhere.

It has the largest temple compound dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia. Rising above the centre of the last of these concentric squares are three temples decorated with reliefs illustrating the epic of the Ramayana, dedicated to the three great Hindu divinities (Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma) and three temples dedicated to the animals who serve them.

Prambanan is 5 meters higher than Borobudur, the biggest Buddhist temple in the 9th century and is also found in Indonesia. 

It is located in the island of Java, 17 kilometers from the city center within the area of what is now a park.

Now let's talk about legend..

According to a Javanese legend there was a man named Bandung Bondowoso who loved Roro Jonggrang. To refuse his love, Jonggrang asked Bondowoso to make her a temple with 1,000 statues only in one-night time. The request was nearly fulfulled when Jonggrang asked the villagers to pound rice and to set a fire in order to look like morning had broken. Feeling to be cheated, Bondowoso who only completed 999 statues cursed Jonggrang to be a thousandth statue.

You see, the largest archipelago in the world is blessed with amazing man-made creations of religious origins known to earth.  Apart from that, its story has a touch of myth - a kind of thing most ASEANers in general believe.

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