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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Taiwan Granting Visa-Entry To Tourist From Southeast Asia

The small island nation which was once called Formosa and known today as Taiwan, is attracting tourists from Southeast Asia. 

Starting on 1st August, citizens of Thailand and Brunei will be given a free visa- entry to Taiwan for 30 days.

Meanwhile, nationals of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar will be given an e-visa entry to Taiwan starting on September 1. 

"The visa regulations are part of the government's New Soutbound Policy, a comprehensive startegy to strengthen the nation's ties across the board with South and Southeast Asia. Taiwan already grants visa-free entry to passport holders from Malaysia and Singapore, and e-visa priveleges to citzens of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India," Taiwan Today reported.

So, yes. This is just the beginning. I have a feeling each country in ASEAN will soon enjoy the free-visa entry to Taiwan.


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