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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Asean celebrates Asean Day today with the living founding father

Did you know that today is a very important day for Asean?

Thirty eight years ago today the Asean Declaration (Bangkok Declaration) paved the way for the establishment of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The Bangkok Declaration is the founding document of Asean, signed in Bangkok on 8 August 1967 by five Asean founding members - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

From five members, Asean has now 10 members including the countries of Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei and Laos.

And to give you a little more trivia: Did you know that there is still a living founding father of Asean?

His name is Dr. Thanat Khoman of Thailand. He was born in Bangkok on 9 February 1914. He was the Thai Ambassador to the US in 1957 and became the Minster of Foreign Affairs of Thailand from 1959-1971.

Dr. Khoman who is now 101 years old and the only living founding father of Asean retired in politics in 1982.


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