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Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to say "Father" in ASEAN languages

Today is a special day for all the fathers out there. A day to pay tribute to the provider, support system, good disciplinarian, protector - the list goes on.

As the world celebrates Father's Day today I thought it would be great to let everyone know how each country in the ASEAN member states call "father" in their respective languages.

The word "father" is translated in ASEAN national languages as follows:

Brunei -  Bapa
Cambodia - Ov-puk
Indonesia - Ayah
Lao PDR - Pho
Malaysia - Bapa
Myanmar - P-kin
Philippines - Ama
Singapore - Ayah
Thailand - Khun Por
Viet Nam - Cha

To all the fathers especially to ASEAN, Happy Father's Day! We all love you!


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