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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ASEAN Beauties Won Awards In The Recently Concluded Miss International 2014

Two of ASEAN beauties made their countries and the ASEAN region as a whole proud in the recently concluded Miss International 2014 held in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014. Miss Thailand Pinka Kulsoontornrut won second runner up while Indonesia's Elfin Rappa, won the Best National Costume award beating 72 other countries. 

After missing the cut last year said Drew Francisco of Rappler, Thailand seems ready to fight it out for the top award. Punika Kunsuntornrat (left) is a bombshell. She was even among the talk of the town upon arrival when she collected donations for victims of Typhoon Haiyan at the airport before departing Thailand. She was awarded Most Child Friendly candidate and was third in National Costume among Asian candidates. She also made it in the Top 15 of the Talent competition, but her biggest moment was when she was named Best in Resorts Wear.

Elfin Rappa (right) paraded Indonesia's national costume. The theme of the costume, "Tales Of Siger Crown", is based on Lampung cultural background designed by Jember Fashion Carnaval one of Indonesia's largest carnival organizations.

It can be recalled that the Philippines Bea Rose Santiago was last year's winner of the pageant. My take? ASEAN ladies are one of the most beautiful creation the world has ever known. Disagree? Put it in the comment box below and tell us why.


  1. Dawn Gibson-ThigpenNovember 13, 2014 at 3:45 AM

    Cool blog! Love it!


  2. I love Filipina beauties with care and supporting them to win, if possible. More ASEAN beauties in the future.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if such beauty award changes anything, I got a few friend who won awards like manhunt etc but it never did anything to help him in anyway!

  4. Somehow it's sad our Pinoy contender didn't get it, but we're happy a co-ASEAN was there... So congrats!

    I still love asian beauties! :D Hot and sexy. :D

  5. They really are beautiful !!! I've never heard of this competition though.

  6. Never heard of this pageant but it sounds great. Many congratulations to the winner :)

  7. So that's what Ms. Thailand looks like. She's very fair and pretty and glamorous. What an elaborate cultural costume for Indonesia! - fred

  8. Since there is only a picture of the beautiful Punika, I have no idea what her competition looked like. Women around the world are beautiful, they just need to own their beauty and then get on with the art of living.

  9. Punika is a real beauty! I'm not really a fan of contests like this though, every woman should feel beauty without having to do something like this to prove it.

    Sara | This Girl Loves


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