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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thailand's Songkran Festival

Widely celebrated by Thai people during the country's hottest month, Songkran is arguably considered the world's largest water fight. It kicks off on the 13th of April and ends on the 15th of the same month.

Songkran isn't just about water fight or fun moments on the streets. More so, it is about purification and cleaning with a strong religious history. During these days, people clean their houses and wash with scented water their Buddha images. They also pay respect to their elders by pouring water over their heads.

For Thai people splashing of water during Songkran to complete strangers means washing away bad thoughts and emotions, and welcomes good luck in the new year. But for foreigners, it is one of the Kingdom's festivals packed with lots of enjoyment and merrymaking. 

And to make the temperature that normally reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit literally cooler, Thais add ice to their water containers. They then travel in teams wearing masks whilst holding their water guns, and raise their hands to passers-by to stop so they could rub the chalk on their faces.


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