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Monday, April 14, 2014

Brunei releases butterfly-themed postal stamps

The government of Brunei is pushing awareness of the types of butterflies found in the country. Hence, butterfly-themed stamps were issued on Sunday by Brunei's Postal Services Department.

The butterfly thematic stamps went on sale in all post offices from Sunday. They will cost 1.20 Brunei cents, and 10 Brunei cents while a full set will be sold at 1.30 Brunei dollars (about $1.04), Xinhua reported.

The official cover with stamps, the official cover alone, and the stamp booklet also have been put out for sale, priced between 1.30 Brunei dollars (about $1.04) to 4.80 Brunei dollars (about $3.87).

According to a survey conducted in 1996, a total of 342 species were recorded in forest in Brunei, northwest Borneo, and from the species accumulation curve the total number of species present in the area was estimated at 464, or nearly half the total Bornean fauna.

Brunei's government move doesn't just raise awareness of how the country is gifted with bountiful and colorful butterflies. It is also a way of giving honor to this picturesque insect.


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